Unlike other coaching services, Theresa has a wide background of change management
expertise and creates a trusting coaching environment to progress towards successful
transitions.  She also grew up in an alcoholic family environment and knows first-hand
the impact an 'addiction lifestyle' can have on individuals, families, friends, colleagues,
and one's personal self-esteem.  This experience fueled her desire to learn more about
‘individuals and change’, resulting in a large knowledge base about lifestyle changes.  
As such, she is a Certified Recovery Coach, has a Masters in Organizational
Dynamics, co-leads CTI's "Recovery Uncovered" global community for coaches, and is
well equipped to work with you on your lifestyle change.
"In recovery we use the principle's of the program to learn to live clean
and sober. These are the new rules that change the way we interact with
the world around us. Yet even with these new coping mechanisms in
place it is sometimes difficult to know when or where to go next.
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- Theresa
What habit are you trying to break or create?  
What is your ideal healthy enjoyable lifestyle?  

One of Swift Resolve Coaching's transition specializations is lifestyle changes.  As a
Certified Recovery Coach, founder Theresa Swift provides coaching to individuals who
are in the midst of a lifestyle change or want to make new lifestyle choices.  Lifestyle
choices may be related to substances, relationship, or processes and behavior.  

Professional Coach, Theresa Swift, uses a strength-based approach, Recovery Life
Coaching (RLC), to help you find and use your values, assets and strengths while
coaching you towards fulfillment.  Coaching provides greater focus and awareness of
choices, actions, and responsibility.  The RLC philosophy focuses on coaching you to
create and sustain fulfilling lives, careers, businesses, while advancing your progress in
recovery or lifestyle choices.    

Swift Resolve Coaching provides lifestyle transition coaching to individuals who have a
desire to change their lifestyle.  You'll receive focused individual attention in
one-on-one, confidential, coaching sessions.  
Your coaching has helped me immensely, as we say in our program "I know a new
freedom and a new happiness" and it has been realized in a direction of my own
choosing. You helped me analyze just where I stood and gave me the confidence and
ability to move on.

Recovery has another phrase that I love, 'half measures availed us nothing'. When you
and I work together you've always known when I'm stuck or struggling in a specific area
and your guidance and concern have helped me overcome what seemed
insurmountable. I realize now that coaching was the next step in my recovery. The
phrase 'You will intuitively know how to handle situations that used to baffle us' has
indeed come true for me. Knowledge and understanding are much better than half truths
and guesswork.

My experience with recovery coaching is a lot like going to the chiropractor, I seem to
have come out of it standing straighter, taller and maybe even a little wiser.   

Thank's Teri for all the help you've given me. God bless you."

- Roy R, Redwood City, CA
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Recovery Life Coaching does not endorse any single or particular way of achieving or
maintaining sobriety, abstinence, serenity or reducing suffering from
current lifestyle.  Coaches do not address past issues and trauma.  They do not
hold clients naturally creative, resourceful and capable of choosing what is best
for them at this time.  
Swift Resolve Coaching adheres to the International Coach
Federation code of ethics.  See complete set of guidelines at
International Coach

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If you seek to improve your life, reach goals, build a strong foundation, and create a life
worth staying healthy for, then
Swift Resolve Coaching can be a great match for you!  
Results are a matter of your intentions, choices, and actions taken, supported by your
coach’s efforts and application of the coaching process.

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