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Staying True to oneself…
Honor Yourself
& Celebrate Others
Sometimes we get so busy or are focused outwardly that we forget to take
care of ourselves.  Whether we're focused on career, lifestyle, or relationship
changes, we cannot be our best, if we don't focus on "self care."
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There are so many personal gift-giving situations: holidays, birthdays,
anniversaries, showers, and weddings.
And, so many professional acknowledgments to consider: service
anniversaries, sales incentives, safety suggestions, and performance rewards.
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A book about life and business
relationships, by life and business coaches.
"Do not think that love, in order to be
genuine, has to be extraordinary." ~
Mother Teresa

The greatest pleasure and emotional
fulfillment in life is reflected through the
relationships we have with each other.
Whether the relationship is intimate, a
friendship, within a family, or in
business, this book offers ideas and
techniques that are directly applicable
to your own experience. Through their
stories and perspectives, the authors
guide you through the ins and outs, ups
and downs of loving yourself and
others.  Vibrant and Lasting Relationships
A Guide to Getting It:
Vibrant & Lasting Relationships
is an uplifting guide dedicated to bring joy and ease to every connection
you make.

"Author Theresa Swift has a youthful voice with a conversational style that makes her
ideas accessible. She has thought about relationship from many perspectives and
covers a topic of great depth in a compact format. Here she touches on a few key
points, with examples, that give the reader breathing room for bringing their own
perceptions and experience to the topic. Her story about Mr. Past and Ms. Worry is
entertaining and illucidating. I can't wait to see this expanded into larger format.
Congratulations, Theresa, on setting pen to paper and beginning to share with the
world your unique vision."
- Kathy Loh, MA, CPCC, ACC

"The book is very well-written, interesting and gives me more food for thought.  I totally
loved your chapter!  Your sensitivity really shines through!"
- Linda Abbit, Eldercare

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What is Personal Coaching?
  • Coaching is used to produce fulfilling results
    in your personal and professional lives
  • Coaching provides support to enhance skills,
    resources, & creativity that you naturally
  • Coaches help you use your values, assets &
    strengths while coaching you towards more
    fulfilling lives, careers & businesses
  • A personal coach is similar to having your
    own personal fitness trainer.  They are
    trained to listen, observe and customize for
    your individual needs
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