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Colors of Change Past Seminars
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Where we place our footprints now, will
determine the path we're on in 10 years"
-- Jon Avnet, Producer  [Penn Arts & Sciences, 2005]
The Colors of Change
The purpose of this monthly series is to share expertise, ideas, and suggestions on areas that
people commonly wish to change.
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Thriving Pre- and Post- The BIG "L" [Layoffs]
Big “L” – Layoffs!  What if you’re faced with a possible layoff at your company… How do
you prepare yourself for it?  What should you do if you are one of those people selected
to be laid off?  Essential suggestions are given to help with layoff preparation and next
steps.  Experts discuss various topics including: dealing with initial shock, being aware of
support resources, getting back to work. This seminar is packed full with information to
help you thrive through these uncertain times.    

Speakers Human Resources Consultant, Judy Mina, and Professional Life and
Business Coach, Theresa Swift,
join together to bring you layoff expertise: ‘what to
expect’ and ‘next steps’ advice.
Judy Mina
is a results-oriented and effective business partner with a unique background
in Human Resources and Operations and the owner of
HR now!  She has over 22 years of
diverse HR management and consulting experience specializing in the design,
implementation and maintenance of effective Human Resources departments.  Judy
assesses issues quickly, interprets and applies policies fairly to meet and serve her
clients’ needs.
Theresa Swift, MS, CRC, is Founder and President of Swift Resolve Coaching.  As a Change
Specialist, her coaching strengthens people to change in fundamental ways, resulting in
development, achievement, growth, and success.  She is an expert in targeting goals
and a believer in maximizing life and career transitions. She brings over a decade of
experience coaching leaders and tailors her partnership role to benefit you.