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I hope to see you
in one of my

Theresa Swift
Professional Coach,
Change Specialist

    Are You Making This Mistake?

    Are you doing the same things over and over and
    expecting different results? If you’re like many of us,
    you start each year with high hopes and expectations.
    If you fail to honor those commitments, you end up
    defeated and discouraged. Do you know why? It’s
    because you skipped a critical step in the process.
    Just like a recipe or a chemistry experiment, if you
    skip a key ingredient, the soufflé flops or the beaker
    blows up.
    Here's What You Get...
Courses are Scheduled Throughout the Year

Year-End Self-Study Workshop Offered NOW:

How Looking Back Can Take You Forward!

"Year-End Reflections Toward A Fresh Start"
From Reflection to Resolution: 6 Exercises to a Brighter Year
The courses listed below will be scheduled this year.  
Be notified of upcoming courses and schedules:
I do provide an "On Demand" option for those individuals
and groups who can't wait until the next course offering

Call me if you or your company, family, friends, or teams
would like to take any of the above classes....

(888) SWIFT-01

Creating Personal and Professional Ease

Action Group Coaching:
How boundaries can help your life!!
Call to find out more (888) 794-3801

In-between Jobs,
Changing Careers, or Getting Promoted?

Thriving Leadership Job Transition Program
12-week one-on-one intensive to
"hit the ground running" in your next / new role.
Click here to find out more