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Career change into new role, company or industry
When a career change comes with relocation to a new city or country, even more
challenges are added to your life!

You may be moving with your company for a new job or promotion.  It can be a fun, new
adventure!  AND it may be a fearful and sad transition as you leave your friends, family
and the life you've led for a different life.  Whether you are just starting to plan your
move to a different city or country, or have already moved into your new place and are
getting settled in, Theresa can help you bring clarity into the mirage of decisions,
cultural differences, and new expectations.

Swift Resolve Coaching we know you have a LOT to juggle during this phase in your
life.  We can help you or your spouse prioritize and get settled in quicker while moving
than if you were on your own.  Expats, families or individuals relocating have to
frequently work through...
  • Language
  • Getting around (finding grocery
    store, bank, hair dresser...
  • Legal procedures, permits, etc.
  • Children's education
  • "Fitting in", acceptance
  • Transportation
You are not on your own!  Career changes of various sorts arise throughout life.
Some changes are expected, others are surprises - all come ladened with
energy and effort.  Work with Theresa Swift, founder of
Swift Resolve Coaching
during your career change ... Having Theresa by your side makes it easier than
if you were going through it by yourself!  

Career change specializations:
Swift Resolve Coaching offers specialized transition and career change coaching for
individuals and expatriates who are making career changes, including moving to a
new city or country.  Theresa Swift, founder of
Swift Resolve Coaching, knows first
hand the intricacies of juggling both a career change plus moving.  She has had a
variety of careers, and has worked and lived in many USA states, Spain, France,
Hungary, England, Wales, Canada.  

Unlike other expatriate career change coaching services,
Swift Resolve Coaching
co-creates a custom coaching plan by working with you to understand your needs &
dreams.  With coaching, you'll find smoother transitions and easier adjustments to
the new career and location.  Working together, Theresa helps you accomplish your
transition easier than if you were on your own.
“Theresa Swift is an excellent Career and Life Coach. She is completely focused
and always prepared. There is no doubt she will accomplish whatever she sets out
to do in a detailed and organized manner. This has been the pattern with Theresa
from the onset of our first meeting. She implemented her broad range of skills and
expertise when we worked together on a “Career Day” for at-risk-teens. She did all
the research and preparation for the Assessment station as well as assists me with
pulling concepts and ideas together. She also impressed me with the way she
handled my own personal coaching session. I am confident when she is tasked to
do a job; it will be done efficiently, effectively and professionally every time!”
- Darlene, REALTOR, Orange County, CA
Career Change Coaching -- Promotion?  New Career or Industry?
Career Change Coach - New Job, Promotion, Transfer
"I was very pleased with the coaching I received. The coaching helped me deal with
work related stress, acceptance of a promotion, and development of a job
description and management strategies to support that position. It also helped me
make a decision about going back to school in a new field I plan to pursue in three
or four years.

I appreciate Theresa’s excellent listening, synthesizing,organizing, and focusing
skills. She helped me make the best use of our time during our coaching sessions
despite my somewhat disjointed needs. The homework that came out of our
sessions was always appropriate and supportive of my short-term and long-term
- Executive Director in San Jose, CA
  • Safety
  • Keeping "in touch" with old
  • Making new friends, loneliness
  • Fun & recreation
  • Health insurance, medical
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If you are (1) a "high-potential", on the fast track, and looking for your next
promotion, or (2) are looking to change careers or industries, you've come to the
right place.  

Four years ago,
I resolved to help
individuals who have
been laid off or
having financial
difficulty during
this recession.  
Here are 4 ways I
thought I could
directly help out:

Recently Laid-off or
I worked with HR
specialist, Judy Mina, to
create a 1-hour seminar
specifically about this.  
Recording link (It's the
first topic on the seminar
list. No charge to listen
or download mp3. No
sign-ups required.)

Free and For-Free
Classes & Seminars
Check out my free and
for-fee monthly classes,
seminars, and self-
assessments.  Visit
Colors of Change (free)
Classes links. I find
great speakers and offer
classes on relevant,
important topics of your
Submit your
topic suggestions for
upcoming seminars.  

Consider Group
If you are in a career
change or in between
jobs, rather than hiring
one-on-one personal
coaching services,
consider group coaching
instead.  It saves money
and keeps you focused
on your goals, creates
useful perspectives and
actions. Split the
coaching fees with a
friend.  I can talk with you
more about it.

Quick and Free Career
Interest Assessments
Check out the following
Career Link
Career Zone

Swift Resolve Coaching
has not developed our
own career interest
assessment; however,
we do offer
profiling assessments
Call me at 888-SWIFT-01
for more details.

- Theresa
Call 888.794.3801 or email to schedule free coaching
consultation with president Theresa  Swift
I invite you to schedule a
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I'm looking forward to meeting you.   
- Theresa
P.S. Sessions are confidential, one-on-one, and conveniently held by phone