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Where we place our footprints now, will
determine the path we're on in 10 years"
-- Jon Avnet, Producer  [Penn Arts & Sciences, 2005]
New Year! New You!
Starting a diet or exercise program can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be.  This fitness seminar
will show you how to make 2008 the year your Health Resolutions come true.  Learn 10 simple health tips to start
the new year off right.  Discover the most effective exercises to get the most out of your time.  We will talk about
the secret to using baby steps to get you well on your way to obtaining your dreams.  Make this your year to
celebrate 'You.'

Guest Speaker, Megan Bailey, President of HEALTHY Figures, has worked with hundreds of people to help
them reach their fitness and nutrition goals. She strives to share her passion of health and wellness with others, so
they can live their lives to their full potential.  She competed in springboard diving, division 1 cross-country, and
in marathons. Megan studied Health and Exercise Science in college and has received numerous certifications
since then including Personal Training, Weight Management, Nutrition, CPR, Lifestyle Fitness Coach.
The Colors of Change
The purpose of this monthly series is to share expertise, ideas, and
suggestions on areas that people commonly wish to change.

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Nutrition – A Catalyst For Change From The Inside Out
Health improvements cannot be complete without addressing nutrition. The health of your body -  tissues,
bones, blood, and the function of every cell - is directly affected by your diet. Foods directly impact your energy
level, moods, hormone production and much more.
Learn how a healthier ‘food pyramid guide’ and the right food choices can quickly improve how you feel and
function and make you more productive. We will talk about the importance of food quality and discuss adverse
effects of unhealthy choices. We will also touch upon toxins and the practice of detoxification – a powerful tool
to recharge and ‘renew’ yourself.

Guest Speaker, Karin Dietrich, CNTC, a nutrition therapist, practices a holistic approach in ‘using foods as
medicine’ with her clients. She believes that diet, environment, and lifestyle changes in the 20th century have
affected all age groups of our society with health issues and chronic diseases that modern medicine has
difficulty treating successfully. When coaching clients, she always takes into account that we are all
biochemically unique and therefore dietary and nutritional needs are highly individual. Karin has been working
in multiple settings, from health clubs to alternative and medical clinics.

Staying Healthy in a Busy World!
The world’s pace is getting crazier.  Perhaps you are working extra hours each week, or you're a mom with a new
baby, or you travel often and never get a break for yourself or family… How can you juggle it all
AND fit health/
fitness into your business schedule?  Learn how to make health a priority with 5 tips from a health and fitness
expert in this 1 hour teleseminar.

Guest Speaker, Megan Bailey, President of
HEALTHY Figures, has worked with hundreds of people to help them
reach their fitness and nutrition goals. She strives to share her passion of health and wellness with others, so they
can live their lives to their full potential.  She competed in springboard diving, division 1 cross-country, and in
marathons. Megan studied Health and Exercise Science in college and has received numerous certifications
since then including Personal Training, Weight Management, Nutrition, CPR, Wellness Fitness Coach.
Enhance Work & Life Relationships through Mindful Listening
In this seminar, you’ll learn skills of communication to create a better relationship at work or at home. Mindful
listening is more than 'just listening'. This course covers the roles of listening and 4 key steps to improve your one-
on-one communication. By putting these skills to practice, you’ll build your listening muscles, enhance relations,
and strengthen your contribution to work & life relationships.

Speaker Theresa Swift, is an author, business consultant, personal coach, and president of Swift Resolve
Coaching.  As a Change Specialist, she coaches those who are ready to transform their life, relationships, and
businesses.  She believes in your unique potential and is committed to helping you achieve your dreams.  For a
consultation, please call (408) 835-3713.  A list of her other upcoming classes can be found
Financial Fitness Made Easy
This teleseminar will address the four basic financial areas to easily shape up your personal finances.  These
include: maximizing income, the importance of spending less than you make, learning a new habit of paying
yourself first (investing what you are not spending), and protecting your wealth. Guest speaker Carolyn Gialamas
will discuss why you need to track your spending and the value behind creating a spending plan to accomplish
your financial goals.  She will also address credit card debt and make suggestions on working toward eliminating
consumer debt before it consumes you. This high level financial overview will provide you with details that you
can apply to your own financial plan immediately!

Speaker Carolyn Gialamas, a Southern California native, holds a BS in Finance from Cal State - Long Beach.  
She worked in banking for nearly 17 years, with the most recent 7 years as a Vice President for Cal National
Bank.  She has held a California Life Insurance License as well as Series 6, 63, and 26 securities licenses from
the National Association of Securities Dealers.  Carolyn started Financial Fitness Training in the Summer of
2006 because she saw a need for people to be educated in the basics of money management without being
sold products.  Mrs. Gialamas is married to her high school sweetheart and they have two beautiful sons.  When
she is not doing financial coaching, she is active in her local Chamber of Commerce and PTA.  She enjoys
reading, traveling, and spending time with her family and friends.
Considering a Career Change?
Are you looking for a promotion, wanting a job change, moving to new company, or starting a business? This
month's seminar will help you assess your level of readiness.  Planning for success is a must!  Key steps will be
discussed for all 4 career change areas.

NOTE: This recording covers the steps necessary to start a business (
not promotion, job or company change).  
Audio discusses 7 preparation steps for your business start-up success. Emotional attitude is also discussed.
Download mp3 or link to ensure you're prepared.
Speaker Theresa Swift, president of Swift Resolve Coaching, is well versed on this topic, having made a variety
of career choices in her life.  She’s had many roles throughout her life, for instance, engineer, manager,
consultant, business owner, author, certified coach.  Her experience covers a variety of different industries, where
she has worked in the US and other countries.
The Roadmap Home: Awakening Inner Peace
Based on a forthcoming book, this talk offers a roadmap to connect with your inner wisdom and awaken to a
heightened state of consciousness back to your true self. This transformative path allows you to break free from
fear & anxiety, identify & manifest your dreams, interpret the map and signposts guiding you home and awaken
love and inner peace. Your time is now. Are you ready?

Speaker Leonard Szymczak has been a psychotherapist and educator for the past 35 years, both in Australia
and the United States. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, he recently moved from Chicago to Southern
California to establish a private practice in Irvine. He has written numerous articles on mental health, personal
growth, stress management and relationship building and conducts seminars and workshops on these issues. He
is a motivational speaker and the author of the novel, "Cuckoo Forevermore" a satire on psychotherapy. His
current books deal with wake-up calls and the roadmap home to one's true self and inner peace.
Tender Loving Eldercare - Lessons from a Family Caregiver
As the US population ages, there is a much greater chance that we will each become caregivers for our aging
parents and/or loved ones.   Caregiving, like parenting, is a set of skills no one teaches in school, but are vital to
learn and be able to put into use when needed. This teleseminar will address various aspects of family caregiving:
 becoming aware and preparing for this new responsibility, recognizing the role reversal a family experiences,
communicating with our aging parents and coping strategies for caregivers. Guest speaker, Linda Abbit, will share
her unique caregiving journey along with the most important lessons and tips she has learned during the last 10
years as a family caregiver.

Speaker Linda Abbit holds Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Education.  She volunteers as a support group
facilitator for the Alzheimer's Association and has been a family caregiver for her elderly parents for over 10 years.
 Her web site,, was founded to help others become more skillful  and compassionate
family caregivers.  Click
here to visit her site containing articles, resources, and strategies to improve your
knowledge of caregiving strategies and give more tender loving care (TLC) to your aging parents or loved ones.
Holiday Stress: Identify the High Conflict People in Your Life
At home and at work the holidays can be a very stressful time.   To make matters even more difficult, some
people just seem to be able to push every button.   They might be in your family, close colleagues at work, or
just to seem to appear out of thin air.   Discover how to identify high conflict people, how to respond to them,
and how to have a more pleasant holiday.

Speaker James Calhoun, has been mediating in Orange County since 2003.  He has certificates in Conflict
Management and Alternative Dispute Resolution from UC Irvine.  His mediating experience includes housing
disputes, family & divorce, domestic violence, and courts.  James is certified as an anger management
specialist, parenting trainer, and workplace conflict trainer from well known institutes. He has developed a
specific emphasis in understanding and working with difficult and high conflict people. With nearly 30 years as a
skills trainer and group facilitator, James assists his clients to develop essential skills, and overcome roadblocks
to build solid, lasting relationships and agreement.
Thriving Pre- and Post- The BIG "L" [Layoffs]
Big “L” – Layoffs!  What if you’re faced with a possible layoff at your company… How do you
prepare yourself for it?  What should you do if you are one of those people selected to be laid
off?  Essential suggestions are given to help with layoff preparation and next steps.  Experts
discuss various topics including: dealing with initial shock, being aware of support resources,
getting back to work. This seminar is packed full with information to help you thrive through
these uncertain times.    
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& Stress
A Rock-Bottom Food Bill for Nutritious, Delicious Meals
One day, Elise Cooke opened up the newspaper and read about how “impossible” it is to eat properly on only $21
per week, which is what Food Stamps were paying at the time.  She found this odd since her family of five was
eating for about $12 per week, per person, very nutritiously.  But what really stunned her was that the story line
went on for days and never met with challenges from savvy home economists. Was it possible that most people
didn’t know how to achieve a rock-bottom nutritious food bill?  Author, Elise Cooke, takes you through steps for a
rock-bottom food bill.  

Speaker Elise Cooke founded Simpleton Solutions to be a resource to those learning how to live large on less.  
Its name reflects her contention that frugality isn’t that mentally challenging or tedious; a shift in thinking is the
most difficult step. Elise is the author of
Strategic Eating, The Econovore’s Essential Guide and The Grocery
Garden, How Busy People Can Grow Cheap Food
.  Visit her website, for more
Speakers Human Resources Consultant, Judy Mina, and Professional Life and Business Coach, Theresa
, join together to bring you layoff expertise: ‘what to expect’ and ‘next steps’ advice.  
Judy Mina is a results-oriented and effective business partner with a unique background in Human Resources and
Operations and the owner of
HR now!  She has over 22 years of diverse HR management and consulting
experience specializing in the design, implementation and maintenance of effective Human Resources
departments.  Judy assesses issues quickly, interprets and applies policies fairly to meet and serve her clients’
Theresa Swift, MS, CRC, is Founder and President of Swift Resolve Coaching.  As a Change Specialist, her
coaching strengthens people to change in fundamental ways, resulting in development, achievement, growth, &
success.  She is an expert in targeting goals and a believer in maximizing life & career transitions. She brings
over a decade of experience coaching leaders and tailors her partnership role to benefit you.  
Disconnected While In The Same Room
How many times have you heard someone complain that he just lives in the past, reliving his glory days? Or all
she does is worry about what might happen? Living in the past or future puts tension on a couple’s relationship.
Join us as we interview, personal coach and author, Theresa Swift. She’ll discuss how to better live in the
present moment and give three techniques out of her “The Essence of Relationships” [a chapter in “A Guide to
Getting It: Vibrant and Lasting Relationship”].

Speaker Theresa Swift, MS, CRC is a Professional Coach – Leadership and Transitions Expert and Author. You
can hear Theresa say relationships need all the support they can get in this day and age. Hence, she believes
in being an active part of the solution. Good relationships are important through all walks of life—family,
business, community. Theresa has had her share of relationship “ups and downs”—beautiful experiences and
painful disappointments. Outside of formal education (two masters degree and graduate of two coaching
schools), her primary lessons on relationships were learned through family, work, love, ballroom dance
partnerships, and lots of reading. Whether laughing, crying, smiling, angry, or sad in relationships, she lives life
It's a Brand You World - Succeed by Being Your Best Self
Why branding for professionals?  The world of work has changed.  Competition is fierce and credentials alone
are no longer enough to succeed.  Employers know that longevity is waning.  They need us to be our best while
they have us and we want to make our mark and feel fulfilled while we're there.  You will receive the steps to
developing our personal brand.  Various methods will be used to communicate your brand and focus on the
unspoken messages of appearance.  Immediately use tips to fine-tune and leverage our image.   

Speaker Diana Jennings, AICI CIP, CPBS is the first consultant to hold advanced certifications as a Personal
Brand Strategist and Image Professional.  She is the founder of Irvine, California based Brand You Image, and
specializes in the non-verbal communication of your brand. Diana’s Silicon Valley corporate sales experience
has given her a keen insight on how doors are opened as a result of branding and image.  Her programs,
coaching and passion for personal development supports professionals in their career advancement by ensuring
that their brand and message is accurately being communicated.  To learn more visit