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Where we place our footprints now, will
determine the path we're on in 10 years"
-- Jon Avnet, Producer  [Penn Arts & Sciences, 2005]
The Colors of Change
The purpose of this monthly series is to share expertise, ideas, and suggestions on areas that
people commonly wish to change.
As part of National Stress Awareness month, rather than
specifically hold a seminar, I want to point you to a few stress
awareness, management, and reduction resources:

How to Reduce, Prevent, and Cope with Stress
6 stress management strategies

Meditation: Take a stress-reduction break where ever you are
(Mayo clinic)

Common Symptoms of Too Much Stress
What Are Your Stress Symptoms?

Why is there more stress today? (American Institute of Stress)

Top 10 Stress Relievers:
The Best Ways To Feel Better

Identify the High Conflict People in Your Life
Swift Resolve Coaching mp3 audio with guest speaker James

How to Survive Unbearable Stress
Includes stress test

Biological Stress Defined